Participation & Empowerment Through The Arts
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HQ Arts provide services that include:

Project design, development and delivery
Conference presentations
Commissioned scripts
Creative arts workshops
Participative arts events
Creative consultation
Staff development training
Event management/co-ordination

HQ Arts specialise in providing creative youth work solutions. We work with young people to create original pieces of theatre that enable them to reflect upon and respond to key issues in their lives.

HQ Arts involve people in processes that
are fun challenging and rewarding and:

Increase self-confidence and self esteem
Improve communication and listening skills
Enable successful group work
Embrace change
Allow them to rehearse and practice responses
Create opportunities for self reflection
Develop new, transferable, skills
Encourage them to explore issues and find their voice
in a safe and supportive environment
Support them to succeed
Provide an effective platform for their voices to be heard
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